Textile Converter

The textile converter is a key figure of the textile chain: it is an individual or company that converts an idea, either its own or that of the buyer, into a commercially marketable product by employing trustworthy subcontractors (in Delfi’s case, also through the verticalized production process) and arranges for the production of the product from the first stages to the finished product.


The converter’s added value lies in the capability of handling contacts with suppliers in the most professional and efficient way and, above all, of offering clients a sample collection meeting the demands of a market which is greatly influenced by the fashion factor.
Delfi has been doing all this for many years and in a short time, by offering high-quality technical-synthetic fabrics at reasonable prices, which  have contributed to the success of many popular brands and of well-known Italian and European garment makers.


the collaboration with tsg

Verticalized production process

Delfi’s verticalized production process has been achieved through the close collaboration with TSG dyeing and printing factory, located in Gorla Maggiore.
As compared to the classic converter, the verticalized production process is the fruit of a successful entrepreneurial strategy that allows the company to stand out among its competitors by relying on research, innovation, control and efficiency. Delfi’s style department decides on the processing techniques and finishing treatments to be applied on the greige fabrics,  which are sourced abroad, and arranges for the production in the affiliated dyeing factory in a very short time.

Our daily working relationship leads to the creation of trendy products complying with the highest quality standards, as proved by the Oeko-Tex certification issued every year to TSG.
This strength of ours is crucial in an economy  based on fast production schedules while keeping product quality high. That is why our collection is constantly updated and meets the fashion market’s tight deadlines at the same time.

Delfitex - Ufficio Commerciale

Our sales department

Delfi relies on an extremely flexible, professional and attentive sales department to meet the requests of the ready-to-wear and pre-planned industry, both in Italy and abroad. Great attention is given to quality control carried out in Prato by skilled workers who carefully check every consignment in arrival.

Textile converter

production process