Right from greige to finished fabrics We specialize in synthetic fabrics
Delfi’s History

Delfi srl si è specializzata nel corso degli anni nella realizzazione di tessuti sintetici nylon e poliestere e misto nylon/poliestere

trendy items and customized service

The company

Delfi srl specializes in the manufacturing of nylon, polyester and nylon/polyester fabrics and continues to offer new products by staying constantly up-to-date with market trends and its clients’ stylistic needs.

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I nostri tessuti


controllo completo delle fasi produttive

Converter tessile


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Our Fabrics

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Delfitex - I nostri tessuti sintetici in nylon, poliestere e misto nylon/poliestere

Delfitex - Converter tessile, controllo completo delle fasi produttive

complete control over all production stages

Textile Converter

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Delfi srl si contraddistingue nella scelta di fornitori che rispettano le più importanti normative europee di sicurezza e qualità

Delfi’s reliability is based on the careful choice of suppliers and observance of European regulations on product safety and quality.

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“Clothes do not only keep us warm, they also change the world’s appearance in our eyes and us in the eyes of the world.”

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